Virtuoso Musical Pentatonic Cam Chimes

Size: 894mm x 1000mm x 188mm - £


Durable cam design making chimes inclusive for everyone

With 5 pentatonic tube chimes CDEGA and custom designed, free swivelling cam rockers that replace the traditional mallets/beaters, making a more durable and more inclusive instrument for all abilities and only requires a knock or flick to sound the chimes. The Cams are also colour coded so they can be used to play "music by colour" if required. The Virtuoso Pentatonic Cam Chimes are both ASTM and EN compliant.


38mm diameter aluminium tube chimes
Colour coded cams for "play by colour"
No tethered mallets or beaters required
Superb sound quality
ASTM and EN compliant
Includes aluminium T-Slot post
Available as a panel