Musical Panels

Musical Products Our wide range of musical panels for the playground is a really fun addition for playtime or as part of a structure's lesson schedule. Whether you are looking for percussion or electronic, panels, inserts or components, you will find them here. Music in play is an integral and natural part of the playground environment, it can be rewarding and stimulating, with a big emphasis on sensory, but it also helps with collaboration, friendship and coordination skills. This is why we have been a leader in the design and manufacture of all types of musical products for over 10 years, with high-quality and nice-sounding instruments.

Hand Chimes Musical Panels

Ally Tube Glockenspiel Musical Play Panel

Shaker Musical Play Panel

Bongos Musical Play Panel

Musical Bells Play Panels

Giant Chime Musical Play Panel

Spin Maracas Musical Panel

5 Bells Musical Play Panel

Tongue Drum Musical Play Panel

Charlie the Crocodile Musical Panel

Mike the Monkey Musical Panel

Percy the Penguin Musical Panel

Wally the Walrus Musical Panel

Play Chime Musical Panel