Playready Frames

TIMBER TRAILS The PlayReady range from M&M Timber offers a portfolio of products for commercial use which are UK designed and manufactured in Worcestershire. The range features outdoor classrooms and shelters, plus an exciting selection of Timber Trails. The PlayReady Timber Trail range offers a wide range of standard timber trail products, to meet all your customer requirements. The extensive portfolio of trails. Timber trail products are available to order now. M&M Timber has been supplying timbers to the Play Industry for the last 30 years, with over one million components being manufactured in the last 10 years. We are confident we can provide you with a quality product, at the right price, treated to the correct user class, for all your projects.

Up & Over

Parallel Bars

Net Tunnel

Monkey Walk

Monkey Bars Station

A-Frame Net Climber-Small

A-Frame Net Climber-Large

A-Frame Log Climber - Small

A-Frame Log Climber - Large

Premium-A-Frame Rock Climber - Small

Premium-A-Frame Rock Climber - Large

A-Frame Log & Net Climber- Small

A- Frame Log & Net Climber- Large

Premium Rock Wall and Net Climber-Small

Premium Rock Wall and Net Climber-Large

Premium-A- Frame Rock Wall & Log Climber- Small

Premium-A-Frame Rock Wall & Log Climber- Large

Vertical Log Climber

Vertical Net Climb

A-Frame Rock Climber - Small - Timber

A-Frame Rock Climber - Large- Timber

Sloped Balance Beam

Level Balance Beam

Balance Beam Challenge

Sloped Balance Weaver


Zig Zag Balance Beam

Set of 5 Stepping Logs

Log Wall

Stretch Post

Tightrope Walk

Log Snake Weaver

Leap Frog Post

Net Traverse

Net Swamp

Suspension bridge

Burma Bridge

Wobble Walkway

Wobble Log Bridge

Net Walkway

Rope Walkway

Slalom Rope

Hanging Rope Traverse

Swinging Logs

Rock & Roll Log

Solid Climbing Wall Traverse - Premium

Gap Climbing Wall Traverse - Premium

Solid Climbing Wall Traverse - Standard

Gap Climbing Wall Traverse - Standard