Freestanding Tunnels

Tunnels Free-standing crawl through tunnels for above ground. Children love to play dens and hide with their friends in these fun themed playground tunnels. Most freestanding crawl-through play tunnels can be used with little or no installation required on-site as they are pre-assembled in the factory. We have 2-color engraved tunnels with decorative entry panels, which utilize two thermo-formed play tunnel halves joined with purpose made aluminum couplings, this gives designers many options for combining colours and creating themes. We also have heavy duty ribbed tunnels for above and below ground use, for example in mounds.

Tiger Freestanding Tunnel

Zebra Freestanding Tunnel

Dinosaur Freestanding Tunnel

Secret Woods Freestanding Tunnel

Lion Freestanding Tunnel

Skylight Freestanding Tunnel

Keith the Caterpillar

Ribbed Tunnel

Ribbed Tunnel Net Bridge

Ribbed Tunnel Balance Bridge