Benches & Curved Benches

‘Decorative and practical seating’ Curved sleeper benches can be positioned separately or together in semi-circular formations and are available as standard at 1.3 and 1.8m with or without the engraving of your choice. Superb as part of a storytelling area or as a stand-alone decorative bench. For more bench options see our seating section.

1.3m Curved Bench

1.8m Curved Bench

1.3m Engraved Group Curved Bench

1.8m Engraved Group Curved Bench

1.3m Engraved Story Time Bench

1.3m Engraved Once Upon A Time Bench

1.3m Engraved Happily Ever After

1.8m Engraved Story Time Bench

1.8m Engraved Once Upon A Time Bench

1.8m Engraved Happily Ever After Bench