Sports Markings

Sports Court Line Marking Traditionally, sports courts used painted line markings on outdoor surfaces. However, the team at Simply Playgrounds provide a modern, durable alternative with thermoplastic sports court line markings. We offer our service to sports venues, schools, recreational facilities and colleges across the country. Our sports court line markings adhere to a variety of surfaces and can be designed in a wide range of colours. You can also choose from varying line sizes and even select blocked areas. All materials used to create our thermoplastic line markings are non-slip and hard-wearing to ensure they serve you for many years on those busy sports courts.

Basketball Court 30m x 15m

Football Court 30m x 15m

Hop Spot 1.6m

Jump Spot 1.6m

Multi Court 30m x 15m

Netball Court 30m x 15m

Netball/Mini Football Court 30m x 15m

Rounders Court 18.5m x 17.5m

Running Track 25m Long

Skip Spot 1.6m

Skipping Rings 3.5m x 1.5m

Spin Spot 1.6m

Stretch Spot 1.6m

Tennis Court 24m x 11m

Long Jump 3.1m x 1.4m

Bleep Test 24m x 8m

NEW Ball Dribble 9m x 3m

NEW Catch & Pass 5m x 2m

Solid Hop 1m

Solid Hula 1m

Solid Jump 1m

NEW Pass 5m x 5m

NEW Skipping Zones 3.5m x 1.5m

Solid Skip 1m

Solid Spin 1m

NEW Sprint 10m

Solid Stretch 1 m

Tightrope 5m

Leapfrog 5m

Active Zone Splats 4.5m x 4.5m

Hexagon Active Zone

Mirror Me Solid 1 Station

Mirror Me Solid 2 Stations

Mirror Me Solid 3 Stations