Clamber Stacks

‘GET TANGLED UP IN FUN!’ The Clamber Stack® Range has been innovatively designed using Timber, Rope, Steel, HDPE, and slides to replicate a natural, challenging, and enjoyable play environment. This encourages children to develop balance, coordination, and imagination through role-play. With the large variety of products within the Clamber Stack® range and incorporating a number of different sizes, you are sure to find the right Clamber Stack® for any age, ability, or budget.

Clamber Stacks 1

Clamber Stacks 2

Clamber Stacks 3

Clamber Stacks 4

Clamber Stack Mezzo

Clamber Stack Midi 1

Clamber Stack Midi 1 with Deck

Clamber Stack Midi with Deck & Slide

Clamber Stacks 5


Piccolo with ropes


Sorella with Ropes