Maze Playground The Maze is a timeless game suitable for children of all ages. The game is an ideal way to improve and stimulate mental agility, balance, memory, and logic. Simply Playgrounds offers a wide range of age-appropriate thermoplastic maze playground markings for schools and nurseries across the UK. As an industry leader in the design and installation of thermoplastic maze playground markings, we take pride in creating unique designs that withstand weather and wear from little feet running through them. We offer a variety of different sizes with varying levels of complexity. Maze playgrounds can help children learn to work as a team or as individuals. The games are designed to help children challenge themselves and their teammates. Children can also use maze playgrounds to explore their creativity by making up competitive games that stimulate and enhance their problem-solving abilities.

Cat & Mouse Maze 5m x 5m

Line Maze 3m

Square Maze 5m x 5m

Circle Maze 4.2m Diameter

NEW Circle Maze Double 8m x 4m

Piggy In The Middle Maze 4.8m

French Maze 3.2m x 2.9m

Spanish Maze 3.2m x 2.9m

Dino Maze 3.6m x 3m