Virtuoso Musical Giant Chimes Tree

Size: 760mm x 1730mm x 225mm - £POA


Create your own musical woodland, orchard, forest...

We have created the Musical Chime Trees as a fun and decorative way to add music to the playground, retaining the sound quality but adding a focal point of musical fun. Combine the different chime types and sizes to create a musical landscape of different tones and profiles. Constructed from HDPE, the Virtuoso Musical Giant Chimes includes two 75mm diameter chimes, available in High and Low tones which are ASTM and EN compliant and include rubber mallets tethered with a high strength stainless steel cable.


75mm diameter aluminium tube chimes
Great sound quality
High and low tones available
HDPE construction panel
ASTM and EN compliant
Soft feel rubber mallets/beaters
Includes aluminium T-Slot posts
Available as a panel