Toadstool Top Kit

Size: dia 300mm - £POA

Stool and stool tops manufactured in bright, colourful and durable materials, with and without recycled plastic posts Simple and attractive design HDPE stool with contrasting white HDPE inlayed toadstool spots, which also conceal the post fasteners. The Toadstool is supplied with a 100% recycled black plastic post which is long enough for concreting into the ground. Toadstools work well in clusters and combine with Storyteller chairs to form imaginative and attractive layouts.

Product Features:

HDPE Toadtool top
Inlayed contrasting white spotsColoured HDPE top with White spots.
VETOADSRED - Red/White Top
VETOADSBLU - Blue/White Top
VETOADSGRE - Green/White Top
VETOADSORA - Orange/White Top
VETOADSVIO - Violet/White Top
Concealed post fasteners
Combine well in clusters

Chair Dimensions:

300mm diameter stool top
350mm Seat Height