Rubber Mulch

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Rubber mulch safety surfaces are ideal for use around all play equipment, so, therefore, allowing play in all weather.
It provides a natural-looking flooring option which also absorbs impact from falls.
Our bonded rubber mulch is ideal for recreational areas, school playgrounds, nurseries, holiday parks, natural walkways and pathways.

Bonded rubber mulch is manufactured using recycled truck tyres. The tyres are put on to a shredding machine and then shredded to look like natural bark.
This creates a natural-looking bark that comes in all different colours for you to choose from. So, whether it is a natural look or a more colourful one the choice is yours.
Bonded rubber mulch is fast becoming the chosen choice of surface for schools and nurseries because it is a far better option to synthetic grasses which can become very muddy and unsafe.
The rubber mulch creates a porous and durable play surface and allows water to naturally drain away.
The bonded rubber surface can be installed at various depths to meet the safety requirements.
The depth of the rubber surface is dictated by the height of the equipment that is being installed, which is known as (CFH) Critical fall height.

Resin-bonded rubber mulch is installed by laying straight onto a compacted area such as tarmac and stone. If laying onto earth a weed suppressant must be used.

This product is extremely cost-effective because there’s no need for expensive groundworks prior to installation.