Kids love playing outdoors and should be encouraged whenever we can to participate in exercise. Wooden play equipment is a great way to keep your children fit and active. With obesity unfortunately on the rise in our schools it's very important to help them maintain a healthy weight, so it's important to choose equipment carefully and think about where your new wooden play equipment is situated and installed. From experience, different children will always want different pieces of wooden playground equipment, so it's always a good idea to involve your children in the process of choosing the right pieces of equipment. Some schools have very limited play space, so a good idea is to try and incorporate as many areas of fitness as possible within your play area. Also bear in mind that at some point you maybe want to add different pieces when your budgets allow.


When choosing your play equipment think of the age of the children that will be using the piece of equipment that you have chosen. Most wooden play equipment these days can be manufactured as low level pieces and require fewer challenging manoeuvres and are ideal for the littler children. Older and taller children will require high level equipment which is more challenging and therefore needs more skill.


One of the most important things to take into consideration when installing your chosen wooden play equipment is safety. Depending on the height of the pieces of equipment, safety surfacing shall nearly always be offered as part of the whole installation package, we discuss safety surfaces more in-depth in one of our blogs.


One more thing to take into consideration when purchasing your chosen piece is, the more interesting and challenging the wooden playground equipment is, the likelihood is that your children will use it more and more importantly have fun.

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