Benefits of a Rubber Mulch Playground

There are so many things we do to keep our children safe. From being at home, to choosing the right school, playground or safe place in our local area.

Outdoor play is a very important part of childhood, so we all recognise that safety is paramount.

There is a vast range of available options for safety flooring, from artificial grass to wet pour and many more. The options may seem daunting, but one very popular option is the versatile rubber mulch.


The shredded rubber is made into a ‘mulch’, to create a bouncy, softer surface that reduces impact of falls and injury.

Some benefits include; the product cannot rot or decay like many traditional methods, there is no movement or loss of particles because it has been bonded, it dries quickly and stays clean allowing continuous play.


It is eco-friendly, and not harmful to the environment once the rubber has been made. It is pre-made rubber, that gets shredded and will last a lot longer than previous alternatives such as bark chip.

The rubber mulch is cost-effective because it needs minimal preparation, no edging is required, and it can be put over existing surfaces.

The surface is natural looking as it features individual pieces, which prevents spread or deterioration.

Rubber mulch can be used in a range of depths because it is man-made. If it is needed at higher points, or for thicker coverage, this is possible and secure. This makes it ideal to control (CFHs) Critical Fall Height measures.

The rubber is flexible and can be created or grafted around equipment or objects that are already in place. This means less stress in planning and preparing or creating the safety precaution, and more time for enjoyment.

Rubber is suitable in all weathers as it is quick drying, it does not overheat, and it prevents puddles flooding as the surface is grafted, supported and even.

Possibly the best thing about rubber mulch, is that it is absorbs impact. This reduced impact from other surfaces makes it a safer option for outdoor flooring and less likely to cause injury.

The rubber mulch is one of the U.K.’s safest surfaces, it meets British and European regulations and is less likely to cause accidents than tarmac etc. It is clear to see why you might decide on this textured surface for your children's’ safe learning in outdoor play.