Resin bonded rubber mulch safety surfacing

Did you know there is no legal requirement to have any form of safety surfacing on a children's playground, but it is recommended by safety organisations such as rospar. When a safety surface is installed it is crucial that the surface that's being installed is installed within playground safety guidelines.

This is known as (CFH) Critical fall height and is measured as the maximum height of your piece of equipment to the floor. When a new piece of equipment has been installed the (CFH) will be determined. This is because all different pieces of equipment have different fall heights so therefore requiring a (CFH) required for each piece.


This product is manufactured from shredded car and forklift tyres. This shredding process removes all the steel ring and leaves the rest of the rubber shred behind. The shredded rubber is then put through the process of colouring. This involves having a paint pigment applied and then coated with polyurethane glue sealer. A resin bonded rubber safety surfaces is ideal for walkways, gardens, public places and parks.


This process is minimal because of the thickness of the product, normally around 50mm. The product can be laid straight on top of soil and grass when a membrane is used. The product is mixed with a polyurethane binder and then applied.


This process begins and consists of a 2-inch trench dug around the equipment being installed. A geotextile weed suppressant is installed over the area and then the safety surface laid. The nature of the rubber mulch allows water to run through so therefore not creating puddles making this product an excellent all-year round usable surface.