From the age of around 5-years old our children grow at an alarming rate and like to play, climb and run around and in general. At this age especially, they can be very active. It’s essential that we as parents educate them and show them that nutrients are very important for their health at this age.

We should try to show them and direct them to be eating a varied and healthy diet not only to have a heathy body but to educate them regarding exercise as well. Its advised that our children are encouraged to exercise for about 45 minutes to around 60 minutes a day. Most schools these days have playground markings that incorporate what is called the daily mile. These markings are a great way to encourage children to keep fit. The best thing about this kind of exercise is that you don’t have to run if you don’t want you can walk.

The government are now encouraging and promoting literature on nutrient-based facts that can really help parents and children understand the importance of eating healthily. This kind of information is particularly helpful when preparing the packed lunches


Breakfast said to be the most important meal of the day. As our children grow, we as parents notice that they seem to be most active in the morning at the start of the school day. Its essential that their breakfast consists of all the nutrients and consume a varied and balanced diet.

When children eat a good nutritional breakfast, they are less likely to snack on foods that are high in sugar and fat. Its been proven that when children eat a good balanced breakfast, they are more likely to have better concentration level throughout the day than those of children that don’t.

Sometimes our children’s appetites are small, this can be hard for parents that are trying to encourage their children to eat nutritional food. Nowadays there are a lot of healthy snacks on the market that are packed with nutrient high value. As children grow and get older their habits towards eating will change. They will pick up bad eating habits as well as some good ones. So, it’s essential that from an early age we teach our children the importance of a good and nutritionally high diet and to eat food from all the major food groups.