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Solar Explorer

The Solar Explorer Play Panel is a really fun moving parts panel, not only does it have t-slot channels to navigate the Explorer discs around the panel, it also has 4x rotating planets that the Explorer discs slide into (visiting the planet) and then rotate the disc around to line up with another destination and visit more planets.

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Formula Racing Play Panel

The Formula Racing Play Panel is a fun counter racing game featuring a 1-3 spinner and our t-slot easy glide sliding disc counters.

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Pachinko Play Panel

The Pachinko Play Panel is our take on the extremely popular mechanical game originating from Japan. The panel has a pinball style spring firing pin which shoots the ball up into the Pachinko play area and then bounces off the numerous pins and blocks until it lands in one of the scoring slots (1,3 and 5). This is an interesting activity for children whether played as a scoring game or just to fire the ball and watch it clatter around in the window.

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Clockwork Play Panel

The Clockwork Play Panel is not literally clockwork, it is a mechanical cog panel with

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Puppy Maze Play Panel

The Puppy Maze Play Panel is not a typical finger trace maze panel, the maze is constructed using a series of t-slots and there is a puppy paw print sliding disc to navigate around the maze to get from the start to the finish. The addition of the sliding disc adds a new dimension to the traditional maze play panel that children are going to really enjoy playing with.

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