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Lets give our primary school children a lesson for life: a love of health and fitness! Our range of outdoor gym equipment, endorsed by OFSTED, an excellent use of Sports Premium are specifically designed for primary school aged children.


As advances in technology increasingly draw young people indoors and the curriculum become more demanding, it can be hard to find time to coax children outside for the fresh air and exercise that they need to thrive.

Our range of outdoor gym equipment, endorsed by OFSTED, is specifically designed for primary school aged children. Outdoor exercise is proven to enhance fitness, stimulate emotional wellbeing and help deliver essential oxygen and vitamin D, while working on specific physical benefits including muscle strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination not to mention the sense of achievement the children will have!

We have a wealth of experience working with local authorities, PTAs, governing bodies and teachers to install outdoor gyms in schools across the UK. Safety, quality and long warranties come as standard as does our full attention and advice throughout.

Take the first step and call us for advice today.

Childrens Tai Chi Spinners

Specially designed for children under the age of 11, this clever piece of equipment exercises the brain as well as the arms and shoulders. Much like rubbing their tummy and patting their heads, children can use the spinners in a variety of directions, moving both hands in the same or opposite directions. Easy-to-use, children can set their own speed and motion, working shoulders and arm muscles whilst building the communication between the two sides of the brain, crucial for language development.

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