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TIMBER PLAY -> Sandpits

Sand is an important natural play medium which enables children to dig,move it around and experience how its tactile qualities change from wet to dry. Giving children the opportunity to create their own imaginative patterns and landscapes. For a real impact in the playground, try adding one of our Sand Boxs / Sandpits or ask about bespoke sandpit options.

Sandpit Table With Removable Lid

The sandpit table has an easy removal HDPE lid with rounded corners and edges. Create a beach on your sand pit. Try wetting half of the sand to make into dunes and different formations. Wet sand is, of course, the perfect medium for building sandcastles. Show the children how to turn out a sandcastle from a bucket, or how to mould the sand, and encourage them to decorate it with flags, shells and stones

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Sandpit Table With Sliding Lid

The sandpit table with a sliding lid has been designed so that children can use the lids surface as a table for playing with the sand. Once play time has finished the lids surface can be wiped clean. Children love play that focuses on gold and treasure so why not let them create shiny yellow and gold trinkets during art class which you can hide in your sand pit for children to find on a treasure hunt!

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Treasure Map Sit And Play Sandpit Table

There's room for up to six seated children and more standing room at the ends. The table comes with an easy to remove treasure map game top HDPE lid with rounded corners and edges, which provides an additional play surface to encourage children to join in!

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Covered Sandpit

Covered sandpit lids are easy to move apart. Maximise your space by also using your covered sandpit as a stage or seating area. Diggers are a firm favourite with most young children. Place some toy diggers into your sand pit for the children to move around and dig with. The children could dress like builders with a hard hat, big boots and a tool kit

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